Aluminium Sliding Ceiling Ladder

Aluminium Sliding Ceiling Ladder

At Access Ladders we have three models of aluminium sliding ladders to choose from, depending on your ceiling size. All are industrial strength, Australian manufactured and designed to last a lifetime.

3 models available

  • Model A1 2750mm maximum ceiling height
  • Model A2 3200mm maximum ceiling height
  • Model A3 3750mmm maximum ceiling height

Our aluminium sliding ladders come fully assembled in their own frames with ceiling panel attached.

Other important features include:

  • 15mm prepainted pine panel
  • Steel welded powder coated architrave
  • Full length hand rails as standard
  • Platform area half way up ladder

We can take care of all your installations, or if preferred detailed installation instructions are supplied- giving you freedom and flexibility.

Ideal for residential, commercial and industrial usage, our selection of 100% Australian made aluminium sliding ceiling ladders provide optimal strength and durability.

Access Ladders are made to suit trussed roofs.

For all your access ladder needs, there is only one place to go! At Access Ladders we are proud to deliver the best quality and designs in the nation at competitive prices!

If you’re not sure what type of ladder is most suited your project, talk to one of our specialists today on (07) 3889 2240

ModelHeight RangeHole Cut OutLanding ClearanceLanding OverhangArc Swing
 A1 2750mm 565x1210mm 1500mm 800mm 750mm
 A2 3200mm 565x1210mm 1700mm 1000mm 950mm
 A3 3750mm 565x1210mm 1800mm 1300mm 1250mm

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F: (07) 3285 3578


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