Commercial Suspended Ceiling Installations

After Roof-top access that’s safe, hidden and cost effective? Access Ladders can provide commercial grade access ladders for roof access situations by installing a system that is safe to use, hidden from the view of the general public and more cost effective than hiring scissor lifts. With over 25 years of industry experience, Access Ladders have provided this system to hundreds of satisfied clients across both the private and commercial sectors.

  • A framework is created that attaches to the roof purlins that allows the Access Ladder to be installed at the ceiling level, we then create a small platform area behind the ladder which allows us to have a secondary piece of ladder from the platform area to an external roof hatch which can also be arranged by Access Ladders Qld.
  • Both ladders sit on a 68 degree angle making it comfortable and safe for use by service personnel.
  • We can also provide an External Platform Attachment that makes it safer and easier when opening the roof hatch so that the hand rails are permanently there with no extra operations required.
  • All our ceiling ladders come fully finished with a 1.6mm pressed metal powder coated architrave and 15mm pine ply painted finished.
  • This allows our ladders to be easily installed on most existing buildings requiring no painters’ involvement after installation.
  • At Access Ladders we are able to complete all commercial ladder installations.
  • We are able to supply Access Ladders with ceiling heights up to 3730mm.
  • All our commercial ladders are practical and economical.
  • Made for maximum strength and durability

We offer cost and obligation free consultation to all clients who use our installation services! Talk to one of our specialists today on (07) 3889 2240 or get in touch via our contact page.

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