Library Ladders

Library Type Rolling Ladder

Access Ladders are proud to be the only library ladder manufacturers in the nation! We provide library type rolling ladders that can be used in both residential and commercial applications giving safe and simple access to all bookshelf types.

  • Upon request we are able to manufacture library ladders made from aluminium and powder coated in any colour giving you a clean appearance to match most bookshelf colours.
  • We can also manufacture library ladders made out of timber and stained with either a clear coating or colour staining.
  • For the timber option we use pine or a decorative timber type such as Tasmanian Oak for a luxury option to show-off the wood’s beautiful natural features.
  • The track is made from aluminium and can also be powder coated the same as the bookshelf, the ladder simply hooks into the track with castor assembly at the top and bottom of the ladder for easy movement.
  • These systems can complement any book shelf in the home or office, giving you the completed look.

For a quote or to arrange your cost and obligation free consultation call the specialists at Access Ladders on (07) 3889 2240 or get in touch via our contact page!

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