Timber Disappearing Ceiling Ladder

The Access Ladders range of built-in timber access ladders, includes timber ceiling ladders, disappearing ladders and full customisation options. This range of timber ladders is ideal for residential applications and all types of onsite needs for storage and better access for ceiling spaces.

We use the finest solid timbers to construct our timber ladder range. Explore our range and please be sure to read the technical information on the pages linked below. You can our timber ladders buy online Australia-wide, made to your specifications.


Our Timber Ladders

Our timber ladders range includes:

  • Ceiling ladders: Our classic timber sliding ladders are standard timber access ladders, designed for efficient use of space, configured for ceiling access dimension. These ladders are a good option for most residential environments, using top quality timbers combined with excellent load capacity and stability.
  • Disappearing ceiling ladders: Our disappearing ceiling ladders feature very strong rails and steps. These ladders fold back and “disappear”


Custom Made Timber Ladders

We can make a ladder for your needs custom designed with all the features you want.  Our team will be happy to assist with your customisation needs.  Access Ladders will provide all the practical advice, technical expertise, and guidance you need to buy the perfect custom ladder for your needs.

Timber Disappearing Ceiling Ladder

Timber disappearing ladders are great for domestic use and are a practical and cost effective choice.

Important features:

  • Spring loaded for ease of operation.
  • Standard size for ceilings up to 2.80m. (9’2″). Other sizes available.
  • First grade pine treads, stringers and frame.
  • Grooved treads.

Our range of timber disappearing ceiling ladders:

  • Come as a finished product- fully assembled and ready to install
  • Are made of strong and durable materials
  • 15mm pre-painted pine panel
  • Steel welded powder coated architrave
  • Are designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Ideal for use in domestic environments
  • Are cost-effective and practical

For more information or to arrange a cost and obligation consultation with one of our specialists call Access Ladders today on (07) 3889 2240!

ModelHeight RangeHole Cut OutLanding ClearanceArc Swing
TF-1 2500mm 565x1210mm 1400mm 1650mm
TF-2 2800mm 565x1210mm 1500mm 1800mm
TF-3 3500mm 565x1500mm 1800mm 2150mm


Talk to Access Ladders about Timber Ladders

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