About us

Access Ladders is a Brisbane company, created in 1986. We provide a very broad range of built-in access ladders 100% Australian made and manufactured to the highest possible standards of craftsmanship. You can buy custom made ladders from us online, and we ship Australia wide.


Our expert craftsmen will provide you with the very best in quality standards. Strength and dependability are the keywords in ladder construction. We use only top quality materials to deliver superior products designed for excellent performance and durability. We will provide you with truly unbeatable quality and genuine value for money.


About Access Ladders

At Access Ladders if we don’t make it, we don’t sell it! We take pride in providing top grade 100% Australian manufactured access ladders to commercial and residential clients throughout the nation.

Whether you are after professional ladder installations or would like to install your own ladder, we have all the right tools to complete your project to the highest possible standard. If you are unsure of the type of ladder that will best suit your premises, talk to one of our specialists about arranging a cost and obligation free consultation!

All of our ladders are simple to use, comply with the building code of Australia and are made of highest grade materials for performance and endurance. At Access Ladders our range of timber and aluminium ladders are suitable for structures with ceiling heights of up to 3.7 m. We are also able to customize ladders upon request and provide a range of ladders for commercial and industrial uses.

Over the past 26 years we’ve manufactured and supplied thousands of satisfied clients throughout Australia with a full range of access ladders. All of our models are manufactured locally in QLD and come fully assembled, making it easy and convenient for you.


Our Ladders

We offer a full range of custom options for folding and sliding ladders for commercial and residential spaces.

Our range includes:

  • Attic ladders: Perfect for all types of attics and residential spaces or commercial storage.
  • Folding ladders: We make all types of custom folding ladders fully scalable to any home or business environment.
  • Sliding ladders: Our range of sliding ladders is ideal for commercial and residential spaces, featuring strong construction and high durability.
  • Aluminium ladders: Our very tough aluminium ladders are designed to provide excellent footing, load capacity, and stability.
  • Timber ladders: We make strong traditional-style timber ladders perfect for built-in access to any space.
  • Attic stairs: The classic attic stairs, solid footing for attic access.
  • Ceiling ladders: We offer a range of design choices, including high ceiling options.


Come and See Our Ladders in Brisbane 

To see our ladders for yourself and speak to our experts visit our showroom at 5/53 Lawnton Pocket Road, Lawnton Qld 4501. Speak to our experts and find out how to purchase your custom made ladder, made to your specifications.



We offer installation services for our ladders in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast if required. Please note that we can also assist you with DIY installation.


Call Us

For any guidance, support, or enquiries, call Access Ladders on (07) 3465 0641 or send us a message on our contact page. Ask our friendly team about ladder specifications, custom options, and ordering. We’re happy to assist and provide any help or advice you need.




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