Easi-Slide Aluminium Mezzanine Ladders in Brisbane

At Access Ladders, we carry the Easi-slide aluminium sliding ladder – the perfect option for mezzanie floor access and a variety of commercial uses.



The Easi-slide ladder available at Access Ladders is 100% Australian made. It’s easy to install and provides an ideal answer to mezzanine floor access. The Easi-slide ladder has two mounting brackets that are attached to it during the manufacturing process, so installation can be carried out quickly. It has the ability to re-tract up onto the floor when it’s not in use, so storage is simple.

The standard slide ladder comes with a handrail on one side, but if you prefer have handrails on both sides, this is an option that we can arrange to have installed for you.


Models and Height Range

ModelHeight Range
 ES1 2800mm
 ES2 3200mm


The Easi-slide ladder is available in two different models so you can choose whichever one works best for your business or space. The mezzanine ladder is available in the following two models:


The ES1 Model

With the ES1 model, the height range is smaller, making the sliding ladder more compact and easy to manage. This model is perfect if you’re using the ladder within a smaller space. The height range is 2800mm, and the sturdiness and reliability of this sliding ladder makes it perfect for a variety of commercial tasks.


The ES2 Model

If you’re looking for an aluminium ladder with a larger height range, the ES2 model is the way to go. This one has a height range of 3200mm and will allow you to reach mezzanine of all kinds. The sliding ladder is an extremely tough and sturdy option, making it the perfect choice for commercial tasks and uses.


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