Aluminium Folding Attic Ladders in Brisbane

At Access Ladders, our aluminium folding attic ladders are cost effective and a practical option for structures with ceiling heights of up to 3.75m. All of our folding step ladders are 100% Australian made and combine optimum functionality and durability. At Access Ladders, our ladders are made to last a lifetime!



Our aluminium folding ladder is perfect for a variety of tasks and functions. It can be used as an attic ladder in a residential setting, or for a variety of commercial and industrial environments.

The features of the folding step ladder include:

  • The strongest design in Australia.
  • Simple to use.
  • Powder coated and painted finish.
  • Complete with all fittings for easy installation.
  • Great value.

Our folding ladders come fully assembled and ready to install when it works best for you. They provide maximum strength and endurance, and provide safe and convenient access to attics, ceilings and roof storage areas with a height of up to 3.75 metres.


Models and Height Range

Our aluminium folding attic ladders come in three different models.

ModelHeight RangeHole Cut OutLanding ClearanceArc Swing
 FA-1 2500mm 565x1210mm 1400mm 1650mm
 FA-2 2800mm 565x1210mm 1500mm 1800mm
 FA-3 3500mm 565x1500mm 1800mm 2150mm

The team at Access Ladders are also able customise these ladders to suit your unique specifications. If you have different ceiling heights or cut-out sizes to the ones listed, we will customise your folding attic ladder with the highest quality and locally-sourced materials. Find out more here.


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