What type of ladder is better- folding or sliding?

Sliding ladders are generally a more popular choice, however folding ladders work just as well for structures with ceiling heights of 2.8 m or below.

What are some things I should know before purchasing an access ladder?

The two most important things to keep in mind are your ceiling height and cut out size. Simply determine relevant dimensions and refer to model specifications to find the model that will best suit your project.

Don’t forget that at Access Ladders we also manufacture custom sized ladders and will be happy to create a ladder that’s perfect for you.

Does my ladder come completed?

Yes it does. At Access Ladders we take pride in delivering a completed product.

Can you do the installations?

Yes we can! At Access Ladders we provide a complete installation service and offer all customers who seek ladder installations an initial cost and obligation consultation to measure your premises and provide you with advice in regard to the ladder that will achieve best results!

Are any of your ladders Australian made?

At Access Ladders we make all of our ladders locally! If we don’t manufacture it, we won’t sell it!

Do you also do flooring?

If needed we are able to provide flooring. Our flooring package includes:

2400 x 1200 x 15mm BC Grade Pine Ply @ $165/sheet fully installed including batten support under flooring.

Please keep in mind that the flooring prices are for the Brisbane metro area, for all other locations an additional travel fee will be presented.

What do I need to know in order to install my ladder myself?

All of our ladders come with comprehensive instructions and are fairly simple to install.

Do you supply ladders for commercial usage?

Yes, we supply a full range of ladders for commercial usage.

What storage space options can you help me with?

If you have a problem with a lack of storage space this can be easily solved by installing a disappearing ceiling ladder from Access Ladders. The space in your roof cavity can often equal 2 or more rooms so why not take full advantage of what you already own.

What makes Access Ladders the best choice?

All of our ladders are pre-painted 15mm pine ply panel using Dulux 101 wash and wear and also finished off with a fully welded pressed metal powder coated architrave (no messy architrave work required)

We also design, develop and market ladders using environmentally friendly plantation grown Hoop pine sourced directly from the mill and custom designed aluminium extrusions specifically extruded for us.

PH: (07) 3889 2240

F: (07) 3285 3578

E: info@accessladders.com.au

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