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Only Ladder I will use! Review by Brian Jones

I purchased the 22 and love it. Every year I am putting up a 50,000 Light display for Halloween and Christmas. Borrowing a regular ladder from the neighbors and had to many close calls of the ladder falling over while I am on it. Sometimes during the season there is snow on the roof lights and I have to go up there to clear them off. This year my wife said to get the little giant. What, my wife said to buy something that is expensive. Say it isn’t so. This little Giant is amazing. The little giant don’t wobble like the regular ladders. Its firm, sturdy and reliable and best of all, no wondering if I am going to fall. Putting up the lights has never been easier. I put it into the platform and walked back and forth in front o f the gutters. The A frame at the highest setting is stable. Had the lights up way faster than before. Love the fact that you can drop one side down and walk right up to the top of the roof. I never let my kids on any ladder before now. I feel so confident in this ladder I let my kids climb on the ladder to help string lights. Now the neighbors ask to borrow my little giant. Well worth the money for this ladder. I will never use another ladder again. Looking forward to getting up on the roof this year.

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